Sussan Group

Sussan Group’s Magento website migration proves the cloud is no passing trend.

Sussan Group was founded in 1939. Based in Melbourne. Sussan Group is a privately owned, leading fashion retailer, comprising three brands – Sportsgirl, Sussan and Suzanne Grae. Employing approximately 3,900 people with around 500 stores in Australia and New Zealand. Sussan Group sells women’s apparel, sleepwear, accessories and giftware across three distinct demographic groups.

Sussan Group set up a new web platform, for and, based on Magento. They required a more specialised level of expertise in cloud infrastructure to ensure a well managed environment.


  • Migrate their Magneto websites to the cloud
  • Access specialised website management support
  • Increase revenue
  • Create a flexible, futureproof service

Sussan Group wanted to utilise the capability of a cost effective, large, reputable cloud provider according to Rick Coenen, CIO, Sussan Group. “We needed the adaptability to scale with increased stability and security on a commercial platform.”

Maintaining the security, performance and availability of the Magento ecommerce platform required a company with expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture and management to complement the digital agency’s experience with Magento. “The nature of the retail environment meant we needed to maintain availability of the Magento platform, and rapidly scale the environment to meet customer demands.”

Importantly, Sussan Group wanted to engage a partner who would take ownership at a technical level, becoming their eyes and ears for Sussan’s in-house technical team. “We wanted a partner that was nimble enough to react to our needs as an organization – and that was Data Solutions Group.”

The process

Initially deployed and maintained by Sussan Group’s digital agency, Data Solutions Group (DSG) performed an audit of the Sussan’s Magento platform in AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the preferred cloud provider, because Sussan Group were existing AWS users, and valued that AWS is a cost effective, substantial global cloud provider, with a local presence.

At the time the audit identified areas for improvement, including additional security measures, and improvement of the operational deployment of Magento. A new Magento hosting architecture was deployed to scale securely, whilst reducing the overall costs of infrastructure. The new platform was built and managed by DSG. “With expertise in the architecture and management of AWS, DSG’s skills augmented our in-house Sussan’s team, and the knowledge provided by our digital agency.”

“We selected DSG because they are a niche player who understood our business. They work alongside our digital managers, providing technical input to key business decisions, including assessing the impact to infrastructure requirements from sale activities, and key dates in the Sussan Group marketing calendar.”

The results

Data Solutions Group closely aligned Sussan Group’s cloud infrastructure to customer demand, resulting in increased reliability and security with strict controls and operational practices. “We’re also noticing the improvement in both support services and through the continued innovation provided by Data Solutions Group’s Magento Managed Services.”

Using a proven design pattern for Magento, two new platforms have been deployed within Sussan’s AWS environment. These support both Sportsgirl’s and Suzanne Grae’s online stores.

And as an added benefit, Sussan Group experienced a flattening out of costs due to no future requirement of a hardware refresh and relative up skilling.

Final thoughts?

“We were looking for an organization who would work with us as “partners” not “suppliers”. DSG have provided us with an agile, long-term partnership. They are our trusted advisor, fully managing our environment on a world-class scalable platform.”

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