The latest Gartner 2016 Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant has been released: Gartner Research positions Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Leaders Quadrant of the new Magic Quadrant for the sixth consecutive year.

Gartner 2016 Cloud IaaS Magic QuadrantIn the opening paragraph of Gartner’s report, the analysts advise that “the market for cloud IaaS has consolidated significantly around two leading service providers. The future of other service providers is increasingly uncertain and customers must carefully manage provider-related risks”.

If you are familiar with Gartner’s 2015 Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant you will immediately notice a dramatic reduction of vendors. This year’s quadrant contains five less players. The Gartner paper cited the reason to be that “the market is consolidating, and the increased dominance of just two providers has led to closer relative market share among the other providers in the market. In particular, there is much closer clustering of workload share below the top 10”.

Gartner caution "while it is easy to get started with AWS, optimal use requires expertise. Customers must proactively seek the depth of sales and solution architecture engagement they need to be successful; this may require professional services, not just support". Organisations should consult with AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, like Data Solutions Group to achieve the best AWS cloud solutions.

Gartner also warns organisations that cannot quickly take advantage of new capabilities will not receive the full benefits of AWS’s rapid introduction of new services and expanded capabilities for existing services. A customer’s best practices may become outdated as better or more cost-effective capabilities are introduced. Less-sophisticated customers may become overwhelmed by the range of possible options; training and third-party assistance are strongly recommended.  Data Solutions Group’s Managed Cloud services offerings include time for innovation to proactively empower organisations.