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If you’re considering a move to the cloud, chances are you’re tired of funding legacy IT, tired of how long it takes to deliver and tired of projects that never really live up to their promise. Chances are you’re ready to start building systems that scale and last. We couldn’t agree more.

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Our cloud migration process.

Data Solutions Group offers end-to-end cloud migration services that will get you performing faster, sooner. Our cloud experts will create a plan to lift and shift your systems, servers and apps cost-effectively and with minimized risk.

Once your Cloud Strategy has been approved and Proof of Concept has been completed, we move into the migration phase of your cloud journey.

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It's time to move.


During this stage of migration our cloud experts will build a foundation for your staging, testing, development and production environments. Once we are confident the best foundations are laid, the migration can begin.


Our dedicated team will then manage and support the migration, working with your developers and technical staff to ensure a seamless transfer, no matter what level of cloud migration you choose.