We’ll meet you where you are, and take you to where you should be.

We understand that a move to the cloud is a considered decision, bringing with it great expectations, and perhaps even more questions. We make sure we make time for questions – ours and yours – because it’s only by ensuring we understand your aims, and that you expand your initial thoughts around capability, giving you the confidence to uncover the full potential of your cloud solution.

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Our Cloud Strategy process.

  Vision Brief

The Vision Brief is our overarching strategy for moving you to the cloud. It will show how the cloud can make you leaner, more competitive and prepared for the future. It’s here that we’ll make recommendations on the most cost-effective Cloud Strategy for you.


Once the Vision Brief is agreed upon we’ll begin work on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We will then compare your existing infrastructure costs with the expected costs for the cloud migration and ongoing management, giving you full oversight of the financial impact of the move.

  Proof of Concept

Finally we initiate a Proof of Concept migration to validate your cloud adoption. This stage will showcase to you the reality of working in the cloud, proving the hypothesis. Real-time testing will take place to identify any coding or compatibility issues before initiating the final migration.

Success is a team sport.

We work with you to create a roadmap for a high-performance workplace, one that offers control while building an environment in which you can continue to innovate and succeed long after the migration.

Our cloud strategy services are designed to keep your business agile, competitive and ready to define the rules of the game, not follow others.

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