Managed Cloud Services are ideal for organisations that are critically dependant on their business systems. They are looking for a solution that will scale and grow with their business while providing flexible options for their end-users. Managed Cloud services are ideal for organisations that do not see IT as a cost, they see it as investment. So if your organisation fits this description, you may already appreciate the central role that IT plays in your bottom line business success. But you may have previously decided that the timing isn’t right for considering a managed cloud offering. So when is the right time to move to Managed Cloud?

In our experience, the perfect timing to consider managed cloud services is when one or more of the following needs are present:

  • End of life hardware;
  • Internal IT resources becoming too costly or under leveraged;
  • Enhanced software requirements;
  • Data Protection requirements;

End of life hardware

Arguably this is the biggest driver that is taking organisations to the cloud in droves. One seismic, market changing event fuelled this march: the announcement of Office 365® by Microsoft® in July 2013. This, coupled with the simultaneous discontinuation of Small Business Server, created the need for many organisations to find a more cost effective replacement when their physical hardware reaches end of life.

With the demise of Small Business Server, a traditional CAPEX approach now requires dedicated servers – a substantial and in many cases a prohibitively expensive investment. For organisations this represents a major opportunity to compare an OPEX based, lease vs. own proposition that enables an organisation to move to a public cloud based model.

In-house IT resources are too costly or under leveraged

Many resource-strapped organisations want to free up their in-house IT resources from the strain and drudgery of low value tasks. Many are fighting fires rather than being proactive. They want and can show value to C-level management but they are stuck in the bunker fielding calls from exasperated employees and maintaining on-site equipment.
Helping these valuable resources work smarter, not harder is part of the agenda. Moreover, organisations want to help their IT resources get focused on higher value activities that support the growth of the business.

Organisations with this motivation are ripe for a managed cloud solution. Moving more of their onsite hardware to the cloud where it is available with a subscription-based model and managed by an outsourced provider – such as Data Solutions Group – is not only appealing, it is often a top priority. What makes this an incredibly compelling proposition for your organisation is the flexibility that comes with a managed cloud solution.

Rather than paying for equipment that is seldom used to capacity, and managed by expensive in-house IT resources, your organisation only pays for the cloud service you need and are not locked into a long term equipment buyout.

Traditional annual service spending (CAPEX model)

  • Monthly Services – $27,500
  • Hardware Costs (36 Months) – $6,000
  • Project
  • Labour – $7,500
  • Software Licensing – $3,920
  • Backup & DR – $4,800

Total est. IT spend – $49,720
Annual Cloud services – $47,760

Enhanced software requirements

If your organisation wants greater freedom to choose the deployment and option that fits your needs, cloud offers an optimal solution. This is particularly true if your organisation is poised for or expecting growth – you need a more flexible, scalable approach to software deployment. Software as a Service (SaaS) is the answer to this need. SaaS provides easy on-demand access to a number of applications via a cloud infrastructure including email, customer relationship management, security, and others. Your organisation can enjoy the brands you know today with no need to invest in, install, or maintain software.

Data Solutions Group can demonstrate huge value by helping your organisation maximise the benefits of a SaaS based solution while helping you migrate to the cloud based on your specific needs.

Data protection from catastrophic failure

Today’s organisations have zero tolerance for downtime. Yet many are vulnerable to disaster simply because all data is backed up using on-site equipment. If your organisation simply can’t afford any downtime, this is a catastrophe waiting to happen. And it defines a high priority need that a managed cloud solution can uniquely address. It is no exaggeration or self-serving hyperbole for Data Solutions to tell you that your very business survival could be at stake if your back-up and recovery are solely dependent on equipment that is onsite.

If your organisation is concerned about the safety of your data, cloud is the perfect solution. A managed cloud solution provides a second point of redundancy and assurance needed so your business can recover from an onsite disaster without missing a beat – or any reduction in productivity.

What makes a cloud-based solution so compelling is that it not only provides a more reliable, stable, flexible, and faster disaster recovery solution – in many cases it is also a lower cost solution.

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow” -George W Bush

Does your organisation fit any of these situations? If yes, it is time for you to talk to Data Solutions Group about getting a scalable IT solution designed to deliver 100% of critical business services from your secure data centers. Doing this eliminates unnecessary spending on infrastructure or capital expenditures (CAPEX), guarantees service levels for all services, and empowers your users with secure access from any devices, anywhere.