JG King Building Group

Building truly reliable whole- of-business systems in the cloud with DSG.

JG King Building Group, based in Victoria, covers six different business entities: homes, investment, nance, life development, a steel frame factory and windows & doors. The last thing such an integrated, multi-faceted housing construction rm needs is a problem with its IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, that’s what their IT Operations Manager Andy Michelis had to contend with a year ago. “Due to our ageing IT infrastructure, our ERP system was going down more than three times a week! That equals a massive loss of productivity – and we were not able to solve the issue.”


With old hardware in use, including servers that were 7 years old, Andy understood the liability that this equipment provided, and it was also clear that additional capital spend to address this wasn’t worth it for the JG King Building Group.

As Amazon was their most trusted partner, Andy went to them for advice.

“We were looking for a cloud back up solution and Amazon referred us to DSG.”

In terms of challenges, JG King had quite a few to consider before engaging DSG: the amount of capital spend to replace the ailing system; the capability of in house staff; the reliability of the deployed infrastructure, not to mention the need for robust disaster recovery plans. DSG stepped in and made the whole process smooth sailing and highly cost effective.

The process

As with most projects concerning cloud migration, JG King’s turned out to be a much bigger project than first envisaged.

Not only did they move their entire workload to the cloud, they also built an entirely new Citrix platform on the advice of DSG, which means JG King benefits from much greater business mobility across its networks now.

Although the process was complex, DSG managed it personally and efficiently:

Tom and his team were on the ground whenever we needed. DSG physically came out and assisted us through the whole project. I sat there with them and explained what our processes were, and what servers we were running, and they helped us work out a plan to move those workloads. They were involved the whole way through the migration, which was a massive plus. I was really happy with this – they spent a considerable amount of time building our environment to ensure it was perfect.

“DSG were paramount in delivering a completely new system for JG King.They set up the brand new test environment, migrated our workloads, and helped us through the whole process with key benefits being a very competitive rate and a dedicated team.”

Used to dealing with large companies where you’re passed from department to department without staff knowing your case history, the IT Operations team at JG King feels DSG provided a refreshing level of service:

“We wanted an IT provider who could give us a bit of personal service – and this is why we partnered with DSG – it just felt right. We knew who to dial to solve issues there and then, and that we could rely on their expertise and knowledge of our project.

And when you’re dealing with the bigger companies, let’s face it, it’s more of a mass production; you don’t usually know who you’re dealing with.

Tom, the owner, went above and beyond. Every barrier we hit, he overcame it swiftly. For instance, it was only by DSG uncovering the misconfiguration from our software vendor and subsequently rebuilding the environment that we went from a substantial amount of down time to zero downtime.”

The results

Clearly happy with the service DSG provided for JG King’s cloud migration, Andy muses over the real business benefits received through their partnership.

“One of the biggest bonuses for us was that we moved to a high end, cutting edge infrastructure that the business would never have been able to purchase for such a competitive price. It would never have been worth investing in the infrastructure that we required, or even the staff to manage all of that.

The other benefits are obvious: the savings we made using DSG were amazing. We went from having two vendors (a hosting company and a service desk company) down to one provider.

DSG were able to come up with one solution: from Level 1 Help Desk up to Senior Engineering, and they managed the entire environment for us!”

Andy says that the solution delivered by DSG has created substantial savings for the company and now JG King are looking to consolidate further and nd more savings with DSG.

One of the biggest bonuses for us was that we moved to a high end, cutting edge infrastructure that the business would never have been able to purchase for such a competitive price.

Final thoughts?

So what does Andy think is the best thing about working with DSG?

Oh, that’s a tough one. So many to choose from! Just the ease of engagement, their business understanding and that all-important personal service.


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