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Helping The Dempsey Group sleep easy with their cloud migration

Sam Kyriacou is IT manager of The Dempsey Group, which owns Bed, Bath ‘N’ Table. Responsible for an office with more than 35 servers, and tasked with moving all production of on-premises service to off-premise, Sam needed to feel confident about his choice of cloud migration service.


Sam was tasked with managing the company’s migration to the cloud. “One of the main reasons we engaged Data Solutions Group (DSG) was to help us find a better solution to our Disaster Recovery. With DSG on board we are working towards having a tested business continuity plan in place at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods!”

Like many IT Managers, Sam was recommended DSG by Amazon Web Services (AWS), as one if its chosen partners. “We met with DSG and immediately were extremely impressed with their knowledge and approach; they are very well experienced with AWS. In addition to this, we found them to be very easy going, offer many solutions, have competitive pricing with a no pressure sales approach.”

The process

As the project progressed we had many different criteria to meet and the goalposts changed a few times. They provide solutions rather than problems; they also come up with new plans to suit our needs whenever we request them.”

“Aside from DSG’s knowledge in this space, their problem solving is second to none: You bring them a problem and DSG will give you more than one solution, which is great as you then know you are making an informed decision taking all options into account. We are currently discussing the best solution for migrating our production in the cloud and using DSG to implement and support this.”

One of the highlights of working with DSG, according to Sam, is that they don’t assume you know everything about the technology you’re working with:

“Unlike many other companies, DSG don’t bombard you with technical acronyms. They explain things in a simple and brief manner which is great. Before we came on board with them, they gave us a completely simple explanation of how things would work. This sold us immediately. I even used their same simplistic diagrams and white board – exactly as they used – to sell the project idea to management! That shows how great they are to deal with – no assumptions you know it all, simple jargon.”

The results

“By using DSG for our AWS support and monitoring, it means the company that is doing the monitoring is also the company that takes ownership to resolve the issue, rather than having one company alert us of the issue to be raised with another vendor, which was our traditional solution. Using DSG not only has the speed of response improved, but also the resolution time as well.

We have our own independent monitoring, but by the time we get alerted and call DSG they are already onto it and working on a resolution, then afterwards discussing what measures or improvements to put into place to avoid it (if possible) from happening again.”

Sam believes that having DSG supporting and monitoring their systems ensures a smooth, streamlined approach to the project:

“As we migrate more into the cloud with DSG, the hardware concerns we have with on-premise servers have all but been eliminated as cloud based infrastructure has unlimited possibilities. Increasing disk space, CPU grunt or adding additional infrastructure is a much easier process than before and DSG make sure it’s done correctly.”

Final thoughts?

On a more personal level, Sam believes DSG nurtures strong relationships with its clients – another of its strengths in business.

“We were dealing with Tom, the owner, from day one – and although they’ve grown as a company, he’s always there in the background, sends us occasional emails, is on hand if we need him. That is what I class as true personal service.”

Sam is confident that DSG will deliver on their promise to make The Dempsey Group’s migration to the cloud a success.

“We were unsure of DSG at the start, what made us realise we needed improvements was getting DSG to do a security audit on our network, what was revealed was interesting and surprising, needless to say this cemented the decision to use DSG.”

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