From today Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) now allows you to use AWS as the target site for your DR. Since this is Zerto’s first public cloud offering, they wanted to highlight that point, so Zerto gave it a 1.0 version number.

You will be able to mix your on premise protection with a public cloud for certain applications that may not need the aggressive RTO and RPOs that on premise solutions offer.

You don’t have to settle for less; ZVR brings their award-winning enterprise class replication and orchestration performance abilities to AWS too. RPOs are measured in seconds and you will see RTOs faster than any other solution.

  • Test/Development to reduce costs
  • Eliminate cost of DR site with an OPEX line item
  • Migrate to AWS to eliminate hardware maintenance and obtain on demand resources

If you are familiar with the ZVR architecture, the graphic below should look very familiar. Going to AWS shouldn’t mean you have to use different methodologies and tools to use it. With ZVR 4.0, you don’t.

The deployment on the on-premise side is exactly the same as it always has been, plus you can use Hyper-V on the source side as well. In fact, it can be paired with other non-AWS sites at the same time. The virtual machines are placed in to virtual protection groups and the VMs are all protected and have write-order fidelity between them. Zerto still have the 5-day point in time journal for AWS recoveries as well to keep it the same as an on-premise solution.

To learn more about ZVR for AWS, contact DSG or register now to hear Zerto discuss this new release at the DSG Cloud Forum at the Sofitel on Collins, Wed 20 May.

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